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The drinking bottle with the design LOVE IS LOVE deals with the topic of love. We want to set an example for more tolerance and provide information about orientation. We believe that engaging with the lifestyles and realities of other people is the first step towards an open and peaceful society.

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Our new motif LOVE IS LOVE was created with the artist Naïma from Glitter Power Club. Does the name sound familiar? You may uk whatsapp number already know her from this trio: SOUL SISTERS, INCLUSIVE and POWER UP

CARRY Bottles Soul Sisters, Inclusive and Power Up

Now we have started a new project with her What the artist herself says about her design:Translated into English:
I am very grateful to have been able to draw on the theme of love and the LGBTQIA+ community. Love in all its forms is the most beautiful Albania WhatsApp Number List  thing there is. I wanted to say something so simple, which unfortunately is still often not the reality: that every person deserves love, care and happiness, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I have witnessed so much injustice and violence against queer people, and I must repeat that this topic is so important to me. I tried to represent every gender and sexual orientation to create an inclusive print (if you look closely at the clothing, you can spot some clues).