New Work: Change with four paws!

Often even the smallest changes have a very big impact, including in the workplace. This blog post is about how the concept of New Work can help employees and managers to take off their masks and show themselves in a more holistic and authentic way in the workplace. To do this, we will take a closer look at one of our favorite topics, the influence of dogs in the workplace.

What are we hiding from?

Unfortunately, in many companies, employees and managers still wear an imaginary mask in their daily work routine and hide a large part thai phone number of their true personality. They hesitate to show their whole selves. Even though the workpe changing practices are introduced. These can be things like a safe environment, flexible working hours, a feedback culture and spaces for reflection.

But let’s start with the simplest elements!

Bring your dog to work. In recent years, the trend of welcoming dogs into the workplace has become more and more widespread. Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits that these furry companions can have fofaction. Accordingg greece phone number life. We at CARRY, thanks to our Rosie, really enjoy the positive aspects of having a dog in the office and would like to show here how these great four-legged friends can increase your well-being in your everyday working life.