MORE AMORE – flowers, gifts,

…that’s now a part of February 14th for many people. Some boycott Valentine’s Day as a day of consumerism… others celebrate it every year with small gifts and traditions. But red roses and chocolates aren’t available everywhere. In Sweden there are wine gum hearts, in Italy couples meet on a bridge and attach a lock engraved with their name and the date. In Wales, for example, people give each other wooden love spoons, so-called “love spoons”. In Japan, men get dark chocolate and a month later they give women white chocolate. Are

Valentine’s Day gift this year?

The MORE AMORE motif by the artist Lucia Zamolo on the CARRY Bottle 700ml is dedicated to all the people without whom life would not be so easy to get through. The motif is available in the colors burgundy-salmon and blue-orange.

The 5 languages ​​of love
The illustration “is dedicated to taiwan phone number all the people without whom life would not be so easy to get through.” Lucia Zamola has created the wonderful MORE AMORE motif, which is dedicated to two types of love: spending time together and physical contact. Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages?

Physical touch

Amidst the chocolates and rose petals, it’s worth taking a look at the different languages ​​of love, because not every person shows their love in the same way. At the same time, your actions and words are perceived differently. The different Namibia phone number languages ​​were developed by renowned couples therapist Dr. Gary Chapman and are designed to understand individual needs and desires in a relationship. Whether it’s sharing loving words, spending time together, exchanging small gifts, supporting each other or seeking physical closeness – consciously applying the Love Languages ​​can help create a deeper, more meaningful connection and make Valentine’s Day a special experience.