Inhale and Exhale

Breathe deeply during yoga. Whether it was a stressful day at work, a strenuous day with the family or a relaxing day on holiday in the sun, a round of yoga helps you to breathe deeply and switch off. In this blog post, we will deal with yoga and explore together what types of yoga there are, what terms you should know and how YogaMeHome enables you to do the right yoga course for you from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want.

Yoga – what is it anyway?

The philosophical teaching from India includes all physical and mental techniques with which you can find your true self. It is about hong kong phone number list  mindfully finding out what is good for your body and mind by finding your own center and inner peyoga, with the  life and take a moment of mindfulness. It is especially importa

nt to stay sufficiently hydrated when doing yoga – the CARRY Bottle is with us at every yoga practice

The different types of yoga

Hatha yoga focuses on cleansing the Guatemala phone number  body and is a rather calm yoga style in which poses are held for a long time.

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing sequence of different movements. With a specific focus of the course and attention to breathing, a lasting, beautiful body feeling is created.