Do you know these moments?

You meet someone and you just know that you are a good match! That’s exactly how we felt when we stumbled upon Ligarti. We fell head over heels in love with the drawings of the lovely Hanna. After the great collaboration for LET THE BEES BE, the time has finally come and we can present you the popular ramen cat from Ligarti on our CARRY Bottle. In this blog post you can find out more about Ligarti, the artist Hanna and our fundraising project for the Berlin animal shelter.

The RAMEN CAT on our

CARRY Bottle 0.7l slurps its noodles in a relaxed manner. This is how we start the day motivated and are sold to friends and at street festivals. During her philosophy studies she then learned about the art of animal husbandry and after the  american phone numbers list first trade fairs they received great feedback. After a short break for the two in Valencia and Portugal respectively, they both moved back to Germany and founded the LIGARTI animal manufacturer together. Her idea is to “gradually bring Hanna’s art world to high-quality products that are made with hand and heart.” Hanna’s illustrations show funny, cute and beautifully drawn animals

And are printed on products such as cups

Natural stone tiles and jute bags. You can now also find printed socks and chocolate. Ligarti is characterized by unique designs and its own factory, where high-quality products are created. Ligarti produces some of its products in its own factory, and for individual products they work closely with partners in Europe. All of Ligarti’s  malta phone number  motifs are designed and hand-painted by Hanna. This means that real art can be found on beautiful things. True to the motto – Art up your life. All products impress in terms of design, quality and sustainability – simply things that they enjoy themselves. What does that remind you of? This is exactly where we see the match between Ligarti and CARRY 🙂